Tips For Changing Air Filter In A Car

Regularly changing air filter and fuel filters for a car can extend the life as well as the performance of your engine. This process is relatively simple and quick and can save tremendous amounts of money down the road in terms of problems and having to replace various components unnecessarily. Many vehicle owners are unaware of the fact that clogged filters can actually hinder engine performance which means that the automobile is subject to increased fuel consumption, mileage as well as a shorter engine life.

If you are unsure with regards to the regularity of changing air filter and related components within a vehicle, it is important to consult with car manufacturer guidelines. The manufacturer manual should provide guidelines with regards to the regularity of changing the filters for automobiles. Most motor vehicle services will agrees that changing air filters and the fuel filters should be completed on a yearly basis or as soon as a particular mileage has been covered.

Following instructions for cleaning out and replacing filters for improved performance can save you a fair amount of time and money. This procedure is quite simple to complete as having to hire a professional to conduct the necessary repairs is simply a waste of time as well as money. This is because technicians may insist on charging exorbitant amounts of money for a component which can be easily replaced by the vehicle owner.

Most times when you have an oil change performed, you will be advised on changing air filter parts in your automobile however, it is advised to follow instruction and perform the change yourself. When initiating the process, be sure to park the vehicle under cover or some form of shade and allow to cool down if you have driven it before lifting the bonnet to change the parts. Pop the hood open once everything has cooled down and prepare the necessary tools to perform the job.

Preparation should include the use of medium sized skrewdrivers including the standard shape as well as a blunt knife such as a butter knife. The next step is to be sure you know how to identify the air filter which will often be positioned on the top of the engine either at the side or in the center. It may be covered and protected by a black casing which is of a considerable size and the only component that is not metallic.

Once you are sure you have identified this component proceed to open it by lifting the clips on the sides either using the flat headed skrewdrivers or the knife with a rounded edge. Once the clips have been loosened and the casing lifted, you may open the component you may have to use the skrewdrivers once again to get to the actual filtration system. This will differ depending on the make and model of vehicle.

These filters are often brightly colored so that it is easily visible in the case that dirt has accumulated on it. Be sure that you are familiar with the appearance of this object as it is usually different in older vehicles as well as trucks. Proceed to extract the component and check for collected dust as well as dirt around the structure which is usually of a paper like consistency surrounded by rubberized edging.

When you inspect it bend the device slightly to see into the crevices. If the crevices have accumulated dirt then it will be best to replace it which is not a costly component to purchase. Remember that filters which are mostly dirty to the point where you can barely see the color of the mechanism are required to be replaced.

Proceed to an auto store and acquire the necessary filtration component which should not be too expensive. It is considered normal to cover a short distance in your car to obtain the part without having it installed as this will not result in significant damage to the vehicle however, this must be a short distance. Changing air filter as well as fuel filters are necessary to ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition and is considered a simple process that will contribute to the extension of engine life and overall performance.

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