Tips and Tricks for Professional Haulage Work

Whether you are fairly new in the industry or a seasoned professional, you are sure to get some valuable tips and tricks to help make haulage work safer, more efficient and cost-effective.

When it comes to getting the job done right and safely in carrying out regular haulage work, here are some precautions that you should keep in mind.

• Your trailer lights should be properly wired and all your tyres inflated.

• All bearings of your trailer wheels should be greased and packed.

• Your load should be positioned at the center of the axle and properly secured by a cargo buckle system or a durable rope.

• Make sure the trailer is weighed in order to prevent overloading. For whatever reason or whatever item you are hauling goods on the road, it is important not to undermine or overlook the importance of following correct tie-down techniques. This can spell a huge difference between a safe arrival at your specific destination or ending up with all your goods scattered on the road, which can possibly result in car crashes and expensive lawsuits.

Securing Loose Loads

Keep it covered - When it comes to haulage work that involves loose loads such as garbage, dirt or hay, it should be properly covered to prevent particles from flying out of the trailer or truck. Uncovered or incorrectly covered loads will not only result in damaged goods but can also cause serious accidents to other vehicles, both of which you will be held liable for.

Piled and tightly packed - Aside from keeping your loose loads properly covered, you need to make sure everything is tightly and properly packed in order to prevent excessive movements. By simply choosing to throw things at a haphazard manner, your haulage work can be put at risk as movement can also affect the handling of your vehicle.

Even weight distribution - When loading your truck or trailer, make sure that the weight is properly distributed.

Securing Larger Loads

Ensure secure straps - When handling haulage work that involves large loads such as a motorcycle, ATV or large equipment, it is highly recommended that you use heavy duty straps that are securely connected to a durable ratcheting cargo buckle. This will help secure the load from making excessive movements while in transit and maintain properly distributed weight.

Use heavy duty cargo buckle straps - You need to make sure that your straps are specifically built to handle heavy weight. For example, when hauling a weight of one ton, it will require a minimum of about four straps that are rated by manufacturers at 500 pounds.

When it comes to ensuring safety in completing haulage work, it is important to use plenty of common sense. It is vital that you are able to anticipate what could possibly happen before it does happen, so you are able to take all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe travel and fuss-free delivery of hauled goods, on time, every time.

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